A twenty-something's foray into the domestic arts.
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About The Modern Lady

My name is Beth and I’m a 26 year old Digital Marketing Consultant located in Northeast Ohio. I got married on July 25, 2009 and I live with my husband, Chad, in a cozy three bedroom ranch that was quite the fixer-upper. We have two children (cats) Gracey and Layla that are the loves of my life, second to my husband :)

I graduated from a small liberal arts college in May 2006 with a B.A. in Political Science. My intention was to attend law school, however, I began working with my father’s Digital Marketing firm right out of college and have stuck with it ever since. My job allows me to be very creative and it’s an ever changing industry which always keeps things fresh. It’s the perfect fit for me! Working for a family owned company also has a lot of perks… like working from home. Jackpot!

In my spare time, I love to shop, cook, bake, sew and in general just be a modern lady. I rang in 2010 with the start of this blog and have since been chronicling my adventures. With a tight economy, the past year has opened my eyes to garage and estate sales, making extra bucks on Etsy selling my goods, and the simple joys in life that money and goods often hide.

Email me at: TheModernLady@yahoo.com