The Most Expensive Tomato Sauce I’ve Ever Eaten

For my birthday, I was a nerd and asked for a Pressure Canner. The hubs delivered. I got the All-American 15 1/2 QT Pressure Cooker/Canner… the thing is a beast. It should be, for $330 marked down to $174.99!

Of course now that I had a new Pressure Canner, I had to make something. I set my sights on tomato sauce. One, because I HATE store bought sauce and two, because I’m afraid of the BPA that leaches into all things canned tomato. Thus, I started on my journey of making the most expensive tomato sauce I’ve ever eaten.

Saturday I hit a farm stand and got myself a whole bushel of tomatoes for $15.00. I’m leaning on that as my “steal” in this whole process. Honestly, that is a TON of tomatoes. I also grabbed some garlic and onions – $5.00 more. The other ingredients I had at home, so I caught a break with a few freebies. (NOTE: Based on this paragraph, you should see how cheap it  actually is to make sauce and how I’m being facetious with my title.)

Once I decided on sauce, I needed a way to easily make it. If you’ve ever canned tomatoes, you know there is nothing worse than standing over a pot of boiling water to help take the skins off then seeding them by hand. No way was I doing that… then cutting them into miniscule pieces to cook down. Therefore, I ordered a food strainer. (Amazon Prime is a dangerous thing to have at my disposal.) The Victorio VKP250 Model 250 Food Strainer and Sauce Maker cost me $47.97 and arrived at my doorstep before I could even borrow one from a friend.

From start to finish, the sauce took over 24 hrs to make. No, I’m not exaggerating. We started on Tuesday night at 7:00 pm with the cleaning, straining, cutting and separating. We strained 3/4 of the bushel and put it in a roaster to simmer and cook down overnight. The other 1/4 I removed the skins and seeds and left them whole so the sauce would have some texture; I threw them in the fridge overnight.

I had the best kitchen helper ever.

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