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Handmade Doll with Simplicity Pattern 1900

I LOVE handmade baby items. Don’t people make the sweetest things for the little gems in our lives?! I have a board on Pinterest just to keep track of it all. Dolls top my list though.

Simplicity Pattern 1900

When I saw Simplicity Pattern 1900 I had to have it. Bless Jo Ann’s for running their 99 cent sale every so often so I can stock up. Honestly, who doesn’t love a handmade doll with removable clothes that include a dress, shoes and a beret? (Haters… refrain.)

Handmade Doll

Per usual, I entered my local county fair and thought this handmade doll would make the perfect entry into the Stuffed Animal/Toy category. You agree it is a stuffed toy since you can play with it, right? Also per usual, there was an entirely separate category for dolls almost guaranteeing I will not place again. It’s always something!

Anyways, I thought this pattern was wonderful to work with. The directions were clear and concise, helping the doll to come together in no time. I do have a few notes worth sharing:

1. The arms & legs were a bit skinny for me. I recommend cutting those pieces thicker so they are easy to turn inside out and stuff without ripping any side stitches.

2. Based on the comment above, muslin seemed a bit flimsy for me. If little kids are really the intended audience, I think it should be made from a more durable fabric. My muslin felt too thin to stand up to a childhood of use.

3. The shoes should be made of felt. The directions don’t call for a lot of finishing, so having a fabric that won’t fray makes the most sense.

4. The boy pattern needs completely redone… I had to look 3 times on the front to determine that was a male doll. I propose he lose the scarf and overall shorts entirely and simplify with a simple short and button down shirt set. If you’re sewing for a boy, make sure you bring your creativity to the party. Or, check out these similar dolls on Etsy that have a more manly feel.

  • Lindsay Hawkins

    So cute!  I’ll be sure to look for her at the fair! :)

  • Dree Morris

    She’s cute! I love that you gave her a smile, unlike the pattern envelope. Would someone really give their kid a PO’d looking doll? Lol.

  • http://www.TheModernLadyBlog.com The Modern Lady, Beth Hawks

    Thanks Lindsay! Don’t judget if she’s ribbonless… it happens there lol.

  • http://www.TheModernLadyBlog.com The Modern Lady, Beth Hawks

    I completely agree Dree! Glad you like her.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IRO6RP5NH5JR7JHBFVDGJLKWZM joy

    Thanks for the link to my pirate doll. When I saw the traffic from your blog to my shop I was tickled to find this sweet post on rag dolls.

  • http://twitter.com/conceptualkaren Karen Marie

    i featured your dolly on my blog today! she’s so lovely!