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I don’t need… I want…

Hunter rain boots. Everytime it rains I wonder why I don’t own a pair yet. Of course, it’s the ridiculous price tag… but I’m going to breakdown and consider them an investment. This Spring is my season for stylish puddle jumping.

My obsession with these gems started last July (how have I held off this long?!) when I saw a fabulous light pink pair in a shop window in Manchester, VT. It was clearly love at first sight since I took a picture of them. Who wouldn’t swoon over that color?!

Pink Hunter Rain Boots

Well, this is one time my frugal ways have come to bite me in the ass. This color is apparently last season now; I can’t find them anywhere. Instead, they’ve been replaced by some ugly magenta.

So, now the dilemma is… what color do I order? I think I’ve determined that the novelty colored boots will go in and out of style too quickly, and I want a pair that will last. I’ve narrowed it down to Cafe Latte, Navy, and Yellow.

Hunter Rain Boots

Care to weigh in?

What color Hunter rain boots do you like best?

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  • Dree Morris

    I voted for yellow. But really, I would go for the magenta myself. Dreary rainy days deserve something bright and fun!

  • http://ginacarson.com GLC

    Check out Bogs and all their awesome prints; I love the handles to pull them on with.

  • Guest

    Yellow goes with the least outfits though…. but pic what you like ^^

  • tori

    I have the baby pink Hunter wellies but my calves are too large ( just an inch too large) Im trying to find ways to expand them. Even emailed Hunter yesterday. And baby pink is NEVER out of season. They are rainboots, not purses.