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Family Room Furniture Facelift

When we moved into our home 2 1/2 years ago, it was a mess. We basically had to gut it, as each room had something to tackle. Along the way, the hubs and I picked up a lot of DIY skills and we now have a home we really take pride in.

As we were redoing things, we made the conscious decision to paint every room in an off-white, tan, or light grey. We only thought we’d stay in the house long enough to keep the full $8,000 tax credit and then be on our way. Nearly 3 years later, we’re not moving… and we don’t plan to anytime soon. We love our little ranch close to town.

The Modern Lady's Family Room Before

Unfortunately, now all of the boring, neutral colors on the walls are really starting to grate on me. I am not one for bland or generic, and all of the paint choices feel that way to me. Now that we know we’re going to be here awhile, I’ve started to go room by room and repaint furniture and decor to amp up the color.

End Table Before

Painting furniture is a great way to save money and give a second life to something that has otherwise seen better days. I used the long weekend to redo an end table and coffee table for our family room. Honestly, I’ve always loved these pieces. They are display tables. Each has a glass top, then 5 inches down there is a drawer you can pull out and put things on.

Coffee Table Before

These were hand-me-downs from my parents, who have a farmhouse. They’ve always felt a bit country to me, and they had a very distinct 90s look. The drawer lining was navy blue velvet, which I think was the absolute worst part of them. The hardware was your traditional brass, aged over time. While dated, they were super solid and functional… and free.

To begin, I sanded down both of the units. (I’ll be covering must have tools for furniture redos in an upcoming post.) When I was done sanding, I wiped them clean using a damp cloth and let them “dry” overnight.

End Table After

For the end table, I chose a bright green paint. I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint in a satin finish. The color is “Scotland Isle”. Once painted, I gave it a coat of polyurethane.

Coffee Table After

For the coffee table, I went with a royal blue. Again, I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint in a satin finish. The color is “Sailboat.” It also got a coat of polyurethane to seal it.

End Table Knobs

To finish both pieces off, I headed to Hobby Lobby for some knobs and pulls. Since I was painting random furniture random colors, I figured some random hardware would do. I found some sweet little ceramic scallop knobs in green for the end table. For the coffee table, I found blue and white striped ceramic pulls and coordinating blue and white flower ceramic knobs. I LOVE them, I could live in the hardware isle at Hobby Lobby.

Coffee Table Knobs and Pulls

Originally, I searched for some matching fabric to line the inside of the drawers that show through the glass. After hitting every fabric store and coming up less than enthused by my options, I decided to go with a basic, off-white home decor fabric. I believe it was from the Waverly Modern Essentials line at Jo Ann’s, but I can’t confirm. Using a combination of freezer paper stenciling and hand painting, I then applied swirls to the fabric in the matching paint color. When I was done, I applied the new drawer lining to the old with some spray glue.

End Table Drawer Lining

The total cost for both tables was approximately $55.00. The most expensive part was the paint at $14.22 per quart. The fabric was 50% off; I got a yard for $9.99. The hardware was also 50% off $2.99 for the knobs and $3.99 for the pulls. We had all of the other supplies like paint brushes and polyurethane lying around from previous renovation projects.

The Modern Lady's Family Room After

After several days of a table-less family room, my husband helped bring them upstairs last night. After we were done arranging them, he said: “Honey, I know you make a lot of nice things… but these tables are awesome. I bet they’d cost a fortune in a store. I’m so proud of you.” While I’m not going to say the process of refinishing these was easy, they certainly were worth that fabulous compliment. He’s the best.

I’ll be sure to tell him how much better they will look with new pillows and lamp shades surrounding them when I go shopping this weekend.

  • Stacycar

    I love it! you are the most creative snazzy lady around!

  • http://www.TheModernLadyBlog.com/ The Modern Lady

    Thx lady – must be genetic :)

  • Kerry

    LOVE the green!!!

  • http://www.TheModernLadyBlog.com/ The Modern Lady

    Same here Kerry – I used the same green in my wedding.

  • Lindsey@BetterAfter

    Wow, those definitely added a dose of needed color and umph!  Great job Beth!

  • http://www.TheModernLadyBlog.com/ The Modern Lady

    Thanks Lindsey. The room still needs more pop, but it’s a work in progress.