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Milk Canister Rehab

Last year, I picked up this milk canister at an estate sale. It was free and I saw potential. Behind those sad, warn off chicken stickers… I knew there could be something great. I brought it home and it sat in my basement for a year; the great idea was still formulating.

Milk Canister - Before

When I saw this post- Expiration Date – on Better After, I found inspiration for my milk canister. This woman sat on her milk jug for 20 years before she figured out what to do with it! I probably would have given up by then. Here is what she did with hers:

I used the following materials for my milk canister rehab.

  • Fine grit sand paper
  • Black semi-gloss spray paint
  • White vinyl

My first step was to sand off the chicken stickers and chipped paint. Then, I washed the canister down and dried it (I let it sit in the sun for a few hours). When it was completely dried, I gave it two good coats of black spray paint from top to bottom.

While waiting for the paint to dry, I busted out my Cricut and cut out my house letters. If you don’t have a Cricut, you could buy precut vinyl letters. Or, you can buy a sheet of vinyl, trace them out, and cut them yourself. Once the paint dried, I applied the numbers. That’s it!

Milk Canister - After

A pretty new way to display our house numbers so they are easy to spot from the road.

  • Jessica Ward

    crafty mc-crafterson you are …I love it! Make me one lol :)

  • http://ginacarson.com GLC

    Love it! Great creative house # idea!

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