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How to Make a Large Bow Headband

This week’s challenge for Iron Craft was inspired by the Oscars. I took it very literally and opted for a project based on the red carpet. “And the not-so-imaginative-take on this theme goes to… the red velvet bow headband by The Modern Lady.”

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Want this Gossip Girl – Blair Waldorf style headband for yourself? It was really easy to make. Follow my tutorial below to create your own.

How to Make A Big Bow Headband

1.) Start by measuring how long your headband is. This will determine how much velvet you cut to cover it. Also, measure the width.

2.) Cut a rectangle double the width of your band and 1 inch longer.

3.) Hot glue the fabric to the headband. Start by gluing one end to the edge of the headband, leave a 1/2 inch of fabric as an overhang. Once that is secured, fold the 1/2 inch up and glue it to the inside of the band. Then, begin gluing the fabric overlap on the sides to the inside of the band. When you get to the end, repeat how you wrapped the bottom of the fabric up first and then covered it on the inside with the sides. It’s hard to word this properly – so please see the image for clarification.

4.) Once the velvet has been secured to the headband, cover up the messy inside by gluing a piece of ribbon over the seam.

5.) For the bow pattern, take a regular piece of computer paper ( 8 1/2 by 11″) and cut it in half. Tape the two pieces together. Then, cut off a 2 inch wide piece from the end. The longer piece will serve as your bow and the shorter as the “knot” in the middle.

6.) Use the pattern to cut out your velvet.

7.) Fold your velvet of the larger piece in half, right sides together, and sew a seam along the edge. Turn it inside out.

8.) Place the seam in the middle and iron it down. Tuck boths ends (raw edges) 1/4″  in so you can finish it off with a stitch.

9.) Stitch around the entire piece to finish it.

10.) Fold this piece to match the image below. Our goal is to sew together the bottom piece so that the bow is secure and even on each side with 1″ “tails” on the bow.

11.) Take your small piece of velvet, fold the raw edge in and stitch on both sides to finish it. You don’t need to sew the ends.

12.) Hot glue the middle of the bow to the side of the headband by placing a spot of glue in the middle.

13.) Secure it to the band using your “knot” piece. Place a spot of glue on an end of that piece. Wrap the fabric around the band and bow and glue it in place again on the bottom. Cut off any unnecessary fabric.

That’s it! Now you have an obnoxiously large red velvet bow headband to call your own. I am personally looking forward to seeing what outfit I come up to pair this with, I’m sure it will be out of control. lol.

  • Kad0884

    So cute!

  • http://www.TheModernLadyBlog.com/ The Modern Lady

    Thx lady!

  • Valer83

    Very cute !! thanks for the tutorial ;)

  • http://www.TheModernLadyBlog.com/ The Modern Lady

    My pleasure :) Glad you liked it!

  • http://cjopling.blogspot.com Catherine

    Awesome, especially the last sentence. :)

  • http://www.TheModernLadyBlog.com/ The Modern Lady

    I will have to post a pic when I finally rock it out lol.