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Heart Tree Carving Embroidery Pattern & Tutorial

Iron Craft Challenge #5: Be Mine

Let me start by saying that Valentine’s Day craft projects are the best. With all that pink and red, what’s there not to love?   When I read that this week’s Iron Craft challenge was to make a Valentine for someone special in your life, I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to try out a new project I’d been dreaming up. To check out other entries from this week, visit the Iron Craft Flickr group.

My inspiration comes from the following two items:

I adore this pillow cover from cozyblue’s Etsy shop. It’s been in my favorites forever! Needless to say, it doesn’t really go with the decor in any room and it’s over my budget – so I haven’t taken the plunge. Such as sweet idea though! I am also fond of the “ps… i love you” embroidered note from Flamingo Toes. Check out the link for a great tutorial on how to make your own.

I combined my love for both to come up with this embroidered heart tree carving ”picture”. Here are some general instructions if you’d like to make your own.

First, start by printing out my tree pattern. Download the pattern here. (Don’t laugh at my Photoshop drawing skills – years from now I could be known as an artistic legend for them.) You can also free hand your own.

Trace or draw the image on to some embroidery fabric using a washable fabric pen. Make sure you leave an inch or so around each side so you have some extra material to work. Also, remember to write in your initials or whatever else you’ll be placing in your heart.

Stitch the pattern onto the fabric using your choice of embroidery floss. I did a basic straight stitch … nothing fancy.

When you are done stitching on your pattern, make sure to remove any sign of the fabric pen pattern. Then, trace the glass of your frame onto your picture to size it.

Cut off the excess material.

Put it in a frame and give it to your honey.

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!!!