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Handmade Halloween Aprons

Hands down, Halloween takes the cake for my favorite holiday. The house is all decked out with Halloween decor, I’ve been busting out special treats like the gourmet caramel apples, and the costumes are almost ready to go. When I hit JoAnn’s last week for some sewing supplies, they had a ton of Halloween fabric… and I couldn’t resist. Thus, I found myself whipping up some Halloween aprons just in time to spook some trick-or-treaters in them.

I made this apron for my friend, Claudia. Her house has a lot of purple and polka dots so she instantly gravitated to this print; my JoAnn’s has since sold out of it (it’s sort of fabulous like that). The pattern is from Nathalie Mornu’s A is for Apron, it’s my go to for an easy apron that looks modern and doesn’t take long to make. It is the Fruit Tart pattern and as always I’ve made my standard adjustments which included adding a lining. I also created the three bat appliqués in orange felt to go on the left pocket. If you’d like to do a similar appliqué, you can use this pdf print out as a pattern. I use a little bit of Liquid Stitch on smaller appliqués like this to hold them in place while I’m sewing.

I’ve personally been wanting a Halloween apron with an orange and black diamond pattern – like “real bad”. When I found this fabric at JoAnn’s I was super excited. However, I was thoroughly disappointed when I got it home and started to layout out the pattern pieces. I realized it was printed crooked and no matter how I lined up or finagled the fabric, both the checks & polka dots looked off. In the end, I rationalized how much I paid for it all (less than $2.50/yd) and started cutting. I know it looks like this was my home ec project in 7th grade (and the picture is miserable w/ the bent pocket), but it’s fine by me to pass out candy in. The pockets will be a lovely place to store my chocolate goodies! I used pattern A from B4087 by Butterick. It was easy but I also added a lining to this and reworked the ties so they were double sided.  


  • http://cjopling.blogspot.com Catherine

    I *love* the second one– you can’t really tell it is crooked from the picture! Great fabric combo.

  • http://www.TheModernLadyBlog.com/ The Modern Lady

    Thx lady – we are suckers for good fabric :)