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How to Make Your Own Appliqué

Happy 4th of July!

I love long weekends. There is nothing better than sitting around, enjoying the sunshine, catching up on some relaxation and mingling with family and friends. This weekend has allowed me to get some projects done, one of those being my Strawberry Swing apron I started last week.

The pattern on this apron is very simple. Again, it’s Fruit Tart from A is for Apron by Nathalie Mornu (with a few modifications of my own). I stuck with a simple design because I wanted the strawberry appliqués to be the focus.

Appliqués are a great way to embellish any piece – and they are super simple to make! They allow you to infuse your own personal sense of style onto a garment or just spruce it up. You can make your own appliqués from many different fabrics and can use a variety of designs. I’ve found that Google’s search for images and the Cricut are my favorite idea places for locating shapes for appliqués; if you are a good artist, you can also design your own.

The strawberry appliqués on this piece are made from felt. They were attached to the pink fabric using Wonder-Under and secured with a simple hand stitch using embroidery floss. The white dots are pearls that I also sewed on. I found the design for the strawberry doing a Google search for “strawberry graphic.”

Threadbanger has an awesome video how to on make an appliqué here. I highly recommend watching it if you’ve never made an appliqué before.

If you love strawberries… here is a collection of adorable strawberry themed pieces on Etsy.