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A Family of Aprons

Recently my mom’s friend had her fourth child… another little girl to add to their all female brood. Being a lover of aprons, I thought a family of matching aprons would be a unique gift for all the girls to enjoy. My favorite piece was the coordinating baby bib for the newest addition.

(This was not my finest hour in photography, sorry!)

These aprons are based on the Fruit Tart pattern from Nathalie Mornu’s A is for Apron: 25 Fresh & Flirty Designs. I’ve made more of this apron than any other pattern in the book simply because it’s so easy and it’s very functional with the extra large pockets in the front. I made four different sizes simply by manipulating the patterns by hand. There is one adult sized apron that I made to the original size of the pattern. I then reduced each one by about 1/4 of the one before it to get the smaller children’s aprons. There are lots of resources out there on how to resize sewing patterns. I’m sure all of them are better than my method of winging it. Here are some links that might be helpful on pattern resizing or pattern grading:

More fabulous than any of the aprons in this stack is the true star of the show, the baby bib. I wanted a pattern that mimicked the pockets on the aprons so I went with this fabulous free basic baby bib pattern from Nested. I cut the bib pocket out of the same fabric my aprons were in to coordinate the pieces. This was a great pattern to work with and the instructions were very easy to follow. I personally think this is a wonderful gift idea for any new mom. It allows you to be creative and personalize your gift while producing a one-of-a-kind, handmade piece that shows how much you care.